the sanibel Diamond Jewelry
the sanibel Diamond Jewelry
Diamonds so exquisite that the A.G.S. rates our diamonds in the top 1% of diamonds in the world.
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The Sanibel Diamond

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The Sanibel Diamond

diamonds Since 1990, The Sanibel Diamond Store has sold only the best diamonds in the world; the "Ideal Cut" diamond

The idea cut diamond is a diamond that's cut to a precise mathematical formula to produce a diamond with great brilliance and sparkle.

For decades, the "Ideal Cut" diamond was the highest quality diamond you could buy. Today, that has changed.

Can you believe that technology is so advanced now, that they actually have diamonds better than an Ideal? Better than the best?

Only One Diamond Will Set Your Heart On Fire!

AGS Rating Sample A few years ago, I was introduced to a phenomenal new diamond. I couldn't believe the brilliance, fire and sparkle of these diamonds.

Only the "best of the best" diamond craftsmen can cut diamonds to such perfection.

This type of diamond cutting is an art form to say the least.

There is a phenomenon that occurs when a diamond is cut to the highest standards. When you look through the top (crown) of a diamond, you will see a perfect starburst formation of arrows.Looking through the bottom (pavilion) side of a diamond, you'll see 8 flawless hearts.
Click to see an untouched photograph of the hearts & arrows.

Only 1% of all diamonds in the world are cut to this level of perfection.

The American Gem Society calls this cut, "Triple Ideal Cut."


Every Sanibel Diamond is Triple Ideal Cut. Guaranteed.

You'll get the AGS rating to prove it. You'll also get (for a limited time) a jewelers loupe so you can see the perfect formation of hearts and arrows in your perfect diamond.

The passionate artists of Sanibel, our diamond craftsmen have taken their love for mother nature's precious gifts and carved perfection for you. The finest diamonds in the world; diamonds from paradise.

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P.S. The Sanibel Diamond is only available as a "round brilliant cut." (This is a round shaped diamond.) They are not available in fancy shapes such as princess, pear, emerald, marquise, heart, trillion and so on. Why not? Because only round brilliant cut diamonds can be cut to mathematical perfection, creating the brightest sparkle of any diamond on earth.

Next; Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut
Do you know which is most important? Are you sure?

Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut
Do you know which is most important?
Are you sure?

The biggest diamond myth.
Popular diamond myths and lack of diamond education lead droves of people to settle for mediocre diamonds

Triple Ideal
If you want a diamond that explodes with brilliance and fire, you must know about this specific AGS Rating.

Our diamond challenge.
If you can show me a diamond of higher cut quality, a diamond that sparkles livlier, beams brighter, and makes you look more dazzling, I'll personally give you my $17,995.00 Sanibel Diamond Ring... free. Let me explain...

Our diamond guarantee
And if for any reason you (or you're loved one) do not fall in love with your Sanibel Diamond, I'll buy it back!

Two Complimentary Gifts
Take home these two gifts to appreciate (and show off) the exquisite perfection of your Sanibel Diamond

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