the sanibel Diamond Jewelry
the sanibel Diamond Jewelry
Diamonds so exquisite that the A.G.S. rates our diamonds in the top 1% of diamonds in the world.
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The Sanibel Diamond

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Dolphins, Diamonds and Perfection...

dolphins and diamonds It all starts on a tiny paradise island where, every morning, I race dolphins to work.

The starting line is at the southwest shore of Florida. I rev my engine. Strap on my red Oakley sunglasses. GO!

Straight into the Gulf of Mexico I drive. I know the 3-mile causeway well, but the dolphins know the waters better.

Each winding turn, I look over my shoulder and see the dolphins jumping in and out of the crystal clear water along side of me.

I see the tiny island up ahead. Almost there. Three seconds till I reach land again, and the dolphin is gaining on me... Oh, lost again! With a smile, I wave goodbye to my mammal friends.

I'm writing to you from Sanibel Island. If you've been here, I know you share my feelings. If you've never been here, then this is your official invitation: Come to Sanibel Island! Sanibel is everything you dream about and more... white sand beaches, exotic bird watching, seashell-covered shorelines, tropical palm trees...

Here on Sanibel, my store, Friday's Jewelers has stood for over 40 solid years.

Each morning, when I crack open the door to my private vault, a tiny universe opens and hundreds of little stars beam out and sparkle at me.

loose diamonds In the sunlight, my diamonds dance. In a candlelit room, they captivate. Even the slightest trickle of light set my diamonds on fire.

My diamonds rank amongst the top 1% in the world. As they say, the proof is in the pudding. My proof is in the documents issued by the American Gem Society.

Not even most multi-million dollar diamond retailers carry diamonds of this caliber. Donít get me wrong -- the big guys have some ďniceĒ diamonds, but my diamonds are BREATHTAKING!

Why donít ALL diamonds twinkle like mine? The truth may surprise you. (Iíll tell you in a second, I donít want to get ahead of myself.)

Sanibel Island Because of Sanibel's delicate balance between man and nature, people have dedicated their lives to upholding Sanibel's paradise splendor. Sanibel's magic has inspired fantastic art, photography, fine dining, music and great literature.

And me? Since 1990, I've sold the best diamonds in the world, the "Ideal Cut" diamond. In simple terms: a diamond that is cut to a precise mathematical formula which produces a diamond with great brilliance and sparkle.

But that has all changed. Can you believe that technology is so advanced now, they actually have diamonds better than an Ideal?

A few years ago, I was introduced to this phenomenal new diamond. I couldn't believe the brilliance, sparkle and the fire. Only a diamond craftsman who is the "best of the best" in the world can cut diamonds to such perfection.

Laser view This type of diamond cutting is an art form to say the least. And just like the other passionate artists of Sanibel, these diamonds craftsmen carve artistic visions. In the acknowledgment of this passion, perfection and paradise, I am proud to present the Sanibel Diamond. The World's Most Exquisite Diamond.

Each and every Sanibel Diamond is laser inscribed with the island's name and the Sanibel Diamond Insignia. The Sanibel Diamond is also individually numbered ensuring you get a diamond as unique as you

Around the world, lack of diamond education is leading droves of people to unknowingly settle for mediocre diamonds. If you want your diamond to explode with brilliance and fire, you must demand the highest cut quality.

AGS Sample Color, Clarity and Carat weight are well known by the public. Historically, these three traits were the sole criteria for most people (besides price) when buying a diamond.

But, as you are about to discover, the cut is the single most important factor when determining the value and beauty of a diamond.

No jeweler or diamond retailer can claim to have the "best" diamonds by their own virtues.

The AGSL (American Gem Society Lab) is renowned for its strict grading standards. It is the only lab in the world that assigns a definitive grade for a diamond's cut. They also follow the internationally accepted grading scale developed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) for assigning Color and Clarity grades.

Paradise Diamonds Creating a "Triple Ideal Cut" (AGS 0) diamond is so difficult less than 1% of all diamonds achieve it.

My master diamond craftsmen send each completed diamond for grading. 3 separate gemologists at the American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL) grade every Sanibel Diamond.

We won't sell a diamond if it's doesn't get the Triple Ideal grade. Once you see the Sanibel Diamond and compare it to other diamonds, you'll never look at diamonds the same way again. No other diamond has the same brilliance and the same fire as a Sanibel Diamond. So, what do dolphins have to do with the best diamonds in the world? You'll find them both here in paradise.

When you've found the perfect partner, should your diamond be any less?

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The Sanibel Diamond
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