the sanibel Diamond Jewelry
the sanibel Diamond Jewelry
Diamonds so exquisite that the A.G.S. rates our diamonds in the top 1% of diamonds in the world.
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The Sanibel Diamond

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The Best Diamonds for Your Money

If You Want Your Diamond To Explode With Brilliance and Fire, You MUST Demand the Highest Cut Quality.

Please remember, no jeweler or diamond retailer can claim to have the "best" diamonds by their own virtues or standards.

All standards, including the highest standards are universally accepted and recognized by all gemologists, diamond retailers and jewelers.

How Cut Affects A Diamond's Quality

Designer Diamonds When light enters a diamond through the top of a perfectly cut diamond, it reflects light back through the top of the stone, creating a bright, lively sparkle. Two diamonds of the exact same size with similar clarity and color may appear dramatically different to the eye, depending on cut.

Symmetry, Proportion & Polish; The Best Diamonds

1) Symmetry Must Be Ideal
The phenomenon that occurs when a diamond is cut to the highest graded standards forms a pattern of hearts and arrows.

hearts and arrows Looking through the bottom (pavilion) side of a diamond, you can see 8 flawless hearts.

Looking through the top (crown) of a diamond, you see a perfect starburst formation of arrows.

2) Proportion Must Be ideal
A diamond with very good cut proportions has an energy of light return of about 70%. A diamond with ideal cut proportions has energy of light return of 95%-98%.

The difference may not seem like much. Yet, side by side, the difference will take your breath away. Achieving that extra 25-28% requires an undying commitment to excellence.

3) Polish Must Be Ideal
Everything of quality must have a finishing touch. In the case of a diamond, the final attention must be given to the polish. Every single facet is polished in such a way that it has a perfectly smooth surface. An ideal polish in turn enhances the lively aspect of the stone.

When a stone achieves excellence in symmetry, proportion and polish, it is known as a "Triple-Ideal Cut" diamond.

Creating a "Triple-Ideal" diamond is so difficult that less than 1% of all diamonds in the world achieve it. The American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL), gives this cut a grade called AGS 0 or "Triple Ideal Cut", which represents their highest grade for proportion, symmetry and polish.

Sadly, there are still diamond merchants and jewelers that don't know what a "Triple Ideal Cut" diamond is. Rest assured that if they don't know what it is, they don't sell it.

A Sanibel Diamond is priced from $995 - $1,000,000. When you shop elsewhere for diamonds, you have to worry about fluctuating quality and inconsistency within a jeweler's product line. When you purchase a Sanibel Diamond, for the same price you would spend elsewhere, you know you get top color and clarity - but even better - you get a "Triple Ideal Cut" diamond every time. Guaranteed.

At the Sanibel Diamond Store, we do not sell any diamonds that are not "Triple Ideal Cut" diamonds.

The Sanibel Diamond & International Award-Winning Jewelry

Now You Can Set Your Sanibel Diamond in Pure Platinum & 24k Gold Designer Settings! Our elegant designer settings have won the prestigious La Griffe D'or Award for #1 Jewelry Design! The marriage of the two is pure perfection! Designer Diamonds

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Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut
Do you know which is most important?
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The biggest diamond myth.
Popular diamond myths and lack of diamond education lead droves of people to settle for mediocre diamonds

Triple Ideal
If you want a diamond that explodes with brilliance and fire, you must know about this specific AGS Rating.

Our diamond challenge.
If you can show me a diamond of higher cut quality, a diamond that sparkles livlier, beams brighter, and makes you look more dazzling, I'll personally give you my $17,995.00 Sanibel Diamond Ring... free. Let me explain...

Our diamond guarantee
And if for any reason you (or you're loved one) do not fall in love with your Sanibel Diamond, I'll buy it back!

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