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the sanibel Diamond Jewelry
Diamonds so exquisite that the A.G.S. rates our diamonds in the top 1% of diamonds in the world.
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The Biggest Myth About Diamonds

Popular diamond myths and lack of diamond education lead droves of people to unknowingly settle for mediocre diamonds.

One day, a young couple came into my store looking for a diamond engagement ring.

"We're looking for a diamond with good color and clarity."

"What does that mean?" I quizzed.

  They paused to think before they responded,
"Well - we want a beautiful diamond, so..."

The biggest diamond myth is that color, clarity and carat are most important in choosing a diamond.

diamonds Historically, these three traits were the criteria for most people (besides price) when buying a diamond. Most diamond merchants will happily talk to you about whether or not there are flaws or inclusions (clarity) and how good the color is.

However, two diamonds, of the same color and clarity, can be as different as night and day.

If You Want Your Diamond To Explode With Brilliance and Fire, You MUST Demand the Highest Cut Quality.

Most diamond merchants won't tell you that differences in the cut of a diamond can literally take your breath away!

Designer Diamonds That's because many big diamond retailers don't sell ideal cut diamonds.

They make a killing selling lower quality diamonds because most people do not know how to buy a diamond for the maximum brilliance and beauty.

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Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut
Do you know which is most important?
Are you sure?

The biggest diamond myth.
Popular diamond myths and lack of diamond education lead droves of people to settle for mediocre diamonds

Triple Ideal
If you want a diamond that explodes with brilliance and fire, you must know about this specific AGS Rating.

Our diamond challenge.
If you can show me a diamond of higher cut quality, a diamond that sparkles livlier, beams brighter, and makes you look more dazzling, I'll personally give you my $17,995.00 Sanibel Diamond Ring... free. Let me explain...

Our diamond guarantee
And if for any reason you (or you're loved one) do not fall in love with your Sanibel Diamond, I'll buy it back!

Two Complimentary Gifts
Take home these two gifts to appreciate (and show off) the exquisite perfection of your Sanibel Diamond

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