the sanibel Diamond Jewelry
the sanibel Diamond Jewelry
Diamonds so exquisite that the A.G.S. rates our diamonds in the top 1% of diamonds in the world.
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The Sanibel Diamond

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The Diamond Challenge

I truly believe the Sanibel Diamond is the Finest Diamond You Will Ever Wear!

If you can show me a diamond of higher cut quality, a diamond that sparkles livlier, beams brighter, and makes you look more dazzling... I'll personally give you my $17,995.00 Sanibel Diamond Ring... free

Gene Rebeor Hi, I'm Gene Rebeor, owner of the Sanibel Diamond Store and I'm issuing an honest to goodness challenge to anyone who can show me a diamond that tops the cut quality of my Sanibel Diamond.

If your diamond can, I'll give you my $17,995.00 Sanibel Diamond Ring... free. Let me explain...

I own the world's largest collection of Sanibel Diamonds. These diamonds are so exquisite and rare, they are ranked amongst the top 1% of all diamonds on earth.

To win my challenge, your diamond must meet and beat these criteria;
  1. Is your diamond hand selected and cut by the masters?
    Only carefully appointed master diamond craftsmen with years of training and experience adn select and cut a Sanibel diamond. Taking up to four times longer to cut than an "ordinary" diamond, sanibel diamonds are cut to the highest standards of beauty, art and science. The Sanibel diamond has the most sparkel, fire and brilliance over any other diamond of similar color, clarity and carat weight.

  2. Has the leading Authority on Diamond Grading and Consumer Protection given your diamond their highest honor?
    Three independent gemologists at the American Gem Society scrutinize and grade every Sanibel Diamond I own. They have issued the Sanibel Diamond with their highest grade - the "AGS Triple Ideal Cut" diamond.

  3. Is your diamond owned by people all across the world?
    I have the proudest clients, from Sanibel to Chicago to England. They took one look at the Sanibel Diamond, fell in love, and took it home almost instantly. Everyone who sees the Sanibel Diamond is floored. Don't take my word for it... come see for yourself!

  4. Does your diamond have a unique ID?
    The Sanibel name and insignia are laser inscribed onto the girdle of every Sanibel Diamond. The Sanibel Diamond is found only at my shop on Sanibel Island. So, if it doesn't say Sanibel, it's not genuine. And... every Sanibel Diamond is individually numbered for security and authenticity. When you own a Sanibel Diamond, it is truly yours.

  5. Where does your diamond rank in the world?
    You see, 95% of all diamonds are mass produced. Rough diamonds are taken from a mine, cut and then sold at high cost based on "carat weight" alone. But, mass produced diamonds can never live up to their full potential for brilliance, fire and sparkle.

    Only 4% of all diamonds on earth are crafted to achieve a high level of beauty, but they simply fall short of diamond perfection due to diamond cutter mistakes or "mother nature" reasons. This leaves the extremely rare and highly valued Sanibel Diamond in the top 1% of all diamonds on earth.
So, how does your diamond measure up? You see, I'm really not here to compete with anyone. I just want people, like you, to discover the exquisite beauty of my Sanibel Diamonds. No other diamond can beat it. If I had any doubts, I would never offer such a handsome reward.

No one can resist the Sanibel Diamond's intense sparkle. Once you put one on, you'll never want to take it off.

The world's most exquisite diamonds... from $995 to $1,000,000.

Gene Rebeor

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P.S. The Sanibel Diamond is only available as a "round brilliant cut." (This is a round shaped diamond.) They are not available in fancy shapes such as princess, pear, emerald, marquise, heart, trillion and so on. Why not? Because only round brilliant cut diamonds can be cut to mathematical perfection, creating the brightest sparkle of any diamond on earth.

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Triple Ideal
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Our diamond challenge.
If you can show me a diamond of higher cut quality, a diamond that sparkles livlier, beams brighter, and makes you look more dazzling, I'll personally give you my $17,995.00 Sanibel Diamond Ring... free. Let me explain...

Our diamond guarantee
And if for any reason you (or you're loved one) do not fall in love with your Sanibel Diamond, I'll buy it back!

Two Complimentary Gifts
Take home these two gifts to appreciate (and show off) the exquisite perfection of your Sanibel Diamond

Sanibel Diamonds

"I opened the package and there was the most amazing little miracle of nature Iíd ever seen!

This thing sparkled like crazy! My wife and I were screaming like banshees for 20 minutes! ...

To be honest, I was embarrassed that the diamond pendant I bought my wife for her birthday last year didnít make her this excited."

Jason Hale;
Chicago, Illinois
The Sanibel Diamond
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